Monday, 7 August 2017

Humidification chambers from B&C technologies

A chamber is an integral part of a breathing system and allow the  system to interface with the heated humidifier base. The chamber slides into position on the hot plate of the base controller, permitting the inspiratory gas to pass over the heated water. These are obtainable with breathing systems or individually if required. The chamber is used in combination with a respiratory humidifier, breathing circuits and other accessories. The product is provided with a full set and clamp for manually controlling the water level in the chamber.

The chamber is used for breathing system, which incorporates Respiratory Humidification method. Respiratory Humidification is for mechanically ventilated patients, who is supplied with artificial warm and humidifying respiratory gas. If natural respiratory humidification fails, it may lead to pulmonic infections and damage to lungs.
Types and Features:

Manual Fill Infant Chamber
  • Designed for Infants
  • Low compressible volume and resistance to flow – optimal for high frequency oscillators and CPAP generators
  • Maximum Water Capacity is 210 m
Manual Fill Adult Chamber
  • Designed for adults
  • Maximum Water Capacity is 260 ml
  • High compressible volume.
  • Compliance is 0.3 to 0.5 ml/cm H2O
Auto Fill Humidification Chamber
  • Suitable for all patients and compatible with all MR series humidifiers.
  • Under chin seal for a more stable fit.
  • Refill automatically.
  • Dual-Float mechanism, which enhances the safety by maintaining water level.
  • Consistent compressible volume.
  • Maximum Peak Flow is 180 L/min for 30 secs.

B&C technologies, Kerala     who is a well known CPAP dealers in kerala offers a broad range of Health care products. The company provides safe and best quality Humidification chambers in Kerala. The systems are properly checked by the company on different parameters to deliver flawless products.


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